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Imagine, you wake up on a Saturday morning…

…and spend next few minutes lying in comfy bed relishing the exciting things you are going to do today. You look out the window to your backyard and spot your quite wife angrily pulling out the weeds….

And suddenly it hits you – today is the day you promised to mow the lawn and clean a small artificial pond, that by now looks more like a swamp; otherwise the fight with your wife is inevitable again! You were supposed to do it weeks ago, but you come home late from work and promises remain just promises. By now your backyard looks like an abandoned, wild field and your beloved is really upset you broke your promise once again. With dread and declined mood you realize that it is hot, humid and sticky day, and temperature is climbing higher and higher every minute. You grunt to yourself, “Gee, this doesn’t sound like the way I want to spend my entire weekend!”

angry woman stone and garden solutions

But, if you choose, the scenario might be very different. Envision you wake up on Saturday morning, and while kids are watching cartoons, you are spending all the time you want lying in your cozy bed, cuddling with your wife and planning the exciting things you are going to do today together as a family. And then, you look outside and suddenly notice the strikingly well tended garden with luxuriant lawn, a small sparkling fountain with artful stonework and beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. Your wife opens the windows, and fresh, fragrant scent of flowers fills your bedroom. Your wife tells you how much she appreciates that the backyard looks fabulous after STONE AND GARDEN SOLUTIONS tended to it and what a caring husband you are. She says she loves you and now she has the time and energy to make your favorite pancakes, homemade mango ice cream and freshly grounded coffee for breakfast.

Take your pick!

It is up to you to choose spending quality time with your family or lonely digging in the garden on your only day off in a miserable weather. It is up to you to choose to see your wife glowing and well rested, or listening to her continuous nagging and complaining about unfinished backyard work. Why do you need an additional stress? If you are a first time customer take call us for your free estimate!

Our Services

Awe-inspiring and long lasting outdoor transformation is a serious and creative business that requires expertise and patience.

Landscaping options are different within various parts of the country and even the same state. Thus, it is recommended to hire local and experienced professionals; STONE AND GARDEN SOLUTIONS takes our business and your confidence very seriously.

“A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them”Liberty Hyde Bailey,American horticulturist, botanist


  • ​Weekly Lawn Maintenance:
  • Cutting, trimming, mulching (installation and re-edging), weeding, fertilizing.
  • We are open to environmentally and kids/pet friendly chemicals.
  • Plantings and Pruning:
  • Stone bed installation, shrub planting and pruning, flower installations, fertilization.
  • Fertilization
  • Aerating and Overseeding
  • Lawn Dethatching


  • ​Hardscape Services – we are the EXPERTS:
  • Stonework, woodwork, metal and such.
  • Estimates, planning, design, installation.
  • Koi Ponds: Estimates, planning, design, installation, maintenance.


  • Spring and Fall Clean-ups
  • Landscaping debris removal, yard raking, mulching, and flower beds cleanup.


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We are a small, family owned company with over 33-year experience and many returning customers. We love gardening and quality stonework, and we enjoy seeing an admiration look on the faces of our customers after a project is completed.

Without you, our faithful client, we would not have grown to be one of the best masonry and landscaping companies available in MA for the last 4 years. Your trust have been earned through hard labor, attention to details, and an firm belief that customer service can still reign supreme in business. You trusted us when we were new and small company, you trust us now to create and maintain beautiful environment for you to enjoy all year round, and you trust us to do what we say we will do. And we hold onto that trust dearly. Thank you!

We always pay attention to your wishes. To make sure you get the best deal we offer free estimates. To put you at ease we sign a contract before beginning every project. We are insured and licensed. We work flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedule. We are glad to discuss the choices of more “green” supplies to be used if you are environmentally conscious or pet/kid friendly; if you prefer you can buy your own supplies. We are proud of our work: If you are not satisfied with the job done, we will fix it for no charge for you.

Come and try out our services by yourself!Marlon PintoThe Founder and Owner

– What Our Clients Say – 

A garden requires patient labor and attention….Our Team is ready and you?

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